Ant control, Ant Removal, Extermination and Prevention

Do you have a problem with ants at your home or business? If you’re looking for an ant removal service in Northern Virginia have an ant infestation problem, or you want to stop ants from entering your home or business, Principal Pest Management can help. At Principal Pest Management we have fully trained staff who will come to your home or place of work, fully inspect your property and will use most up to date extermination procedures. We will not only remove all nests and points of entry, but we will also advise you preventive methods for future infestations and ant attacks.

Ants can be found in places that are usually inaccessible, and the entrances to their hives are very difficult to locate, since they can be inside walls or between floors. Ants are a nuisance, and will often crawl over all parts of a house in search of food, especially  sugar rich foods and leftovers, making them extremely inconvenient.