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Termite Treatment – Pest Management Control Services

Why get Termite Treatment for your property? What are Termites?  Termites are a type of insect that live in colonies or nests made commonly of chewed wood.  Termites can be responsible for extensive wood damage. Termites eat wood, but are also known to eat paper, books, insulation material and  filtration systems. Termites can cause thousands […]


Ant control, Ant Removal, Extermination and Prevention Do you have a problem with ants at your home or business? If you’re looking for an ant removal service in Northern Virginia have an ant infestation problem, or you want to stop ants from entering your home or business, Principal Pest Management can help. At Principal Pest […]

Facts About Termites

Termites have existed for at least 130 million years, descended from a cockroach-like ancestor. Termites, cockroaches, and all mantids share a common ancestor in an insect that crawled the Earth about 300 million years ago. The fossil record’s earliest termite specimen dates back to the Cretaceous period. A termite holds the record for the oldest […]