Pest Control Reston Virginia

Principal Pest Management is a leading pest control company based in Ashburn, in the vicinity of Reston, VA. We provide professional pest control services in Loudoun County and Fairfax County including Reston, VA.

As a full service pest control company in Reston, VA we take care of pest issues such as general pest control, rodent control, ants, termites, cockroaches, mosquitoes & ticks and spiders.

Termite Control

We provide termite inspections and termite control. Termites can cause costly damage to your home and yard. We will stop existing termites and defend your home against future termite infestations.

Termite Control in Reston VA

The Principal Termite & Pest Management inspector will report on the findings of your home or business. After identifying areas of concern and/or pests we can determine the best treatment solution.  We offer guaranteed Quarterly, Monthly, and Single applications for pest management.  Working together with the customer, making correct decisions and controls Principal Termite & Pest management is confident we can take care of all your needs.

Free Termite inspections are provided as well. Principal Termite & Pest Management will use the most effective treatment to rid your home or business of termites and defend it from future infestations. After identification and treatment a 1 year warranty will be provided to home owner or business.  Future inspections are critical to insure termite re-infestation does not occur.   By pointing out high risk areas and conducive conditions we can reduce the risk of the termites returning.

Termites are a problem that you do not want to face if you are a property owner. These wood-chewing pests can cause thousands of dollars in damage to the structure of your property.  Protect your property by getting a termite inspection from Principal Pest Management.  As you are aware when you sell your property in Virginia you need a termite inspection.  Call Principal Pest Management so that we can help you.

Ant Control

We provide both interior and exterior ant termination services. Principal Pest Management technicians are trained to help manage ants and other pests. Since each client has unique requirements we will design a custom ant treatment program to fit for your situation. Contact Principal Pest Management today to get started.

Experts in Ant Removal, Reston, VA

Do you have a problem with ants at your home or business? If you’re looking for an ant removal service in Reston, Virginia, have an ant infestation problem, or you want to stop ants from entering your home or business, Principal Pest Management can help you. At Principal Pest Management we have fully trained staff who will come to your home or place of work, fully inspect your property and will use most up to date extermination procedures. We will also advise you preventive methods for future infestations and ant attacks.

Ants can be found in places that are usually inaccessible, and the entrances to their hives are very difficult to locate, since they can be inside walls or between floors. Ants are a nuisance, and will often crawl over all parts of a house in search of food, especially sugar rich foods and leftovers, making them extremely inconvenient.

Principal Management, Reston Pest Control Company specializes in ant control in Reston. Our technicians are experienced, discreet and courteous. We are a family run business and who provide cost-effective solutions. Our prices are affordable.  Our services are guaranteed to give you the best value for money for ant control.

Cockroach Infestation

A cockroach infestation can be very hazardous to the health of people living in a home or working at a place of business.  Cockroaches carry diseases like salmonella.   They contaminate food and eating utensils, destroy fabric and paper products, and impart stains and unpleasant odors to surfaces they contact. Cockroaches reproduce and multiply quickly. Cockroaches can enter your home in numerous ways, from the outside through cracks, vents, sewer and drain pipes.  For this reason, it is important to contact a reliable cockroach control company such as Principal Pest Management.  If you believe that you have identified a cockroach infestation call Principal Pest Management today at 703-673-6905 and talk to one of our experts.

Signs of a cockroach infestation

Cockroaches hide and breed in dark places.  They can be found in under floor drains, behind refrigerators, sinks, stoves, appliances. Since cockroaches  hide in wet and damp areas, therefore signs of a cockroach infestation may occur in such places. One of the most common signs of cockroach infestation may be a continuous and unpleasant smell, that originates from the cockroach hideouts. Cockroach droppings are a sure sign that you have an infestation.  In areas, where water is available, cockroaches may leave brown marks on the surface of the water or tiny little droppings with tubular shapes. In addition to droppings, cockroaches tend to leave streaks behind.  These dark, irregular smears, may be on walls and in areas where they are most active. Another sign of a cockroach infestation would be molted skin, that they shed as they go through several nymph stages before becoming fully-grown adults.

If you have a cockroach infestation within your property, contact your local pest control professional at Principal Pest Management to discuss inspection and extermination options.

Reston VA Pest Control Services

Principal Pest Management provides specialist pest control in Reston and its surrounding areas. We have dealing with pest infestations throughout the Reston area.  We ensure you that our highly trained exterminators are extremely knowledgeable and able to deliver the best possible pest removal services in Reston, Virginia.

We understand that discovering pests in your home or business is distressing. Reston has a dense urban population. Homes can have vermin like rats, mice and pests such as cockroaches, bed bugs, clothes moths and nuisance birds. Our team of pest control experts work to ensure you have a pest free home or office.

Our Reston pest control team of experienced technicians and pest control specialists are ready to deal with your pest problem quickly and safely.

Principal Pest Management is your neighborhood pest control company that will remove all pests and rodents in your home. Our professional residential pest control packages keep your home and your family safe and pest free all year round.  Pest control is more than a one-time service.  Therefore, we offer several pest control packages.