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Why get Termite Treatment for your property?

What are Termites?  Termites are a type of insect that live in colonies or nests made commonly of chewed wood.  Termites can be responsible for extensive wood damage. Termites eat wood, but are also known to eat paper, books, insulation material and  filtration systems.

Termites can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your residential or commercial property.   It is essential you protect your property from these wood chewing pests.  Northern Virginia Real Estate law requires that termite inspection be conducted within 30 days of the settlement or closing of a home sale.

Why Choose Principal Pest Management for Termite Treatment Services?

Principal Pest Management’s team of termite experts will bring your termites under control and help protect your investment from future infestation. Principal Pest Management uses a combination of methods to locate, eliminate and remove termites and their colonies from your home or office. Principal Pest Management  uses a variety of liquid products to eliminate the colony. In cases of chemical sensitive areas a termite bait system is installed for termite control. After inspection and identification of target pests, Principal Termite & Pest Management will determine the best treatment for your home and or business.

Principal Pest Management offers fast, effective termite treatment at affordable rates. To prevent future infestation from occurring, we recommend scheduling property inspections by a competent service provider at periodic intervals.

Principal Pest Management is a family based pest control company based in Loudoun county in Northern Virginia.  You will enjoy low rates and many benefits when you order termite control services from us.

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Termite Treatment

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